Your Sexual PSA is here to save the world.

Sex-negativity is a global crisis. is a safe place where people can educate themselves about sex without judgment.

We’re here to normalize sex. Sex is natural. It should be free of shame.

It’s as universal and human as eating dinner. Educational material about sex should be as varied as cooking shows on TV.

You can learn about just about anything online – from how to fix a car to how to install a Brita filter – but most people learn about sex by watching porn. This is problematic for many reasons. We want to offer a solution, to harness the positive powers of the internet to teach the world about sex in a healthy and productive way.

We chose the words Public Service Announcement because that’s what this site is at its core: A call for more safety, awareness, and understanding. Go through our site.

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Educate yourself and bring your sexual knowledge up to snuff.